Johnny’s Story

Johnny entered the care system at the age of 12 years due to family circumstances. He was initially placed in traditional children’s home settings but continued to abscond putting himself at risk.

As a result, Johnny was placed within Trax Care (prior to the sale of the company to Care4Children) and enrolled at the Trax Academy. Initially Johnny wasn’t a particularly willing participant. However, with care, nurturing and patience he gradually began to engage positively with staff and peers settling into both home and school life.

When initially asked what he wanted to be in the future, he replied: “I’d like to play for Chelsea Football Club.” Nothing wrong with this as an aspiration, but when asked: “Do you play football now?” Johnny’s answer was “No”!

Trax Academy introduced Johnny to the world of work through a wide range of vocational training roles, i.e. mechanic, ground works, plant driving, event management, and health and safety. Before long he was carrying out a part-time job with Trax whilst studying to achieve qualifications.

Johnny responded well for the most part and soon learned how to ride a motorcycle; he then learned to drive a car. As with all young people, Johnny had blips. One day he decided, along with some other young people, to take the care home vehicle by removing the keys from the Staff office. Luckily Johnny, the others and no-one else got hurt. Johnny learned from that experience. He now has his own car and very much values the licence he achieved whilst at school.

Johnny completed his time in care up to his 18th Birthday and overall made the best of the opportunities on offer at Trax Academy. He initially began working part-time with the Academy as a Junior Instructor whilst he attended college to complete his barbering course.

Johnny eventually decided to branch out on his own and tried his hand at a variety of jobs locally, which he has held down, and found himself somewhere to live. He kept in touch with the Trax Academy instructors he grew up with and he was supported on the odd occasions where he needed advice or a listening ear.

Recently Johnny started working with a local residential children’s care provider and has since expressed an interest in applying for a career within Pioneer TEC as a Residential Instructor. In this role, Johnny can expand upon the experiences he has gained since he started his journey in care through to adulthood.

Johnny has since proved himself to be a strong willed and highly motivated young man who is now a responsible father of a daughter. He also has the ambition to purchase his own home, is not afraid of working hard and has learnt the skill of budgeting and living within his means with the support of his former instructors and soon to be colleagues.

We at Pioneer TEC are very proud of Johnny and the life he has made for himself and his young family. So much, so that we are looking forward to creating many more Johnny stories with the Pioneer TEC Model.

Eddie Sloane
Chairman, Pioneer TEC Training & Education to Employment Centre