On the way to the Future of Phoenix Park!

The second phase of the project at Phoenix Park will begin in 2022. In addition to Pioneer TEC’s state-of-the-art Training & Education to Employment Centre planned for completion by mid 2022, a further planning application is proposed to expand the leisure facilities beyond the motocross and go-karting track and skateboard park.

We remain committed to wanting the very best in terms of resources and job opportunities for the young people who come into our care. By expanding the leisure facilities at Phoenix Park, Pioneer TEC’s students will be presented with further opportunities to enhance their skills, improve they life changes and enable them to reach their potential.

A planning application will be submitted for a water sports centre / cable ski lake as well as a dry slope ski facility. During and post construction there will be plenty of opportunities for student involvement as Phoenix Park rises to become the premier place for young people in the care system to live, thrive and be safe whilst they learn, build their skills and begin to earn.

Phoenix Park’s ambition goes beyond leisure and into the realms of recycling, renewable energy and the carbon free age of the future. Pioneer TEC’s state-of-the-art facility will offer the additional space and components to enable the further evolution of the site into the very first of its kind … a virtually zero carbon leisure facility. The buildings will be is zoned for energy efficiency and the safety of students, staff and the members of the public who will utilise its facilities.

What will it look like?

The animation video below illustrates our vision for Phoenix Park. Whilst ambitious, to help save our environment for our children’s children it is a necessity. We are therefore looking forward to taking up the challenge of the virtually zero carbon neutral future and taking Pioneer TEC’s students on that journey with us.