Your Mentors

What is a mentor? Someone who can help guide you through TEC Life, support you when you need it, and be there if things get tough. Your mentors will be your keyworker, as well as other members of staff at the centre. Everyone is there with your best interests at heart – and as long as you’re willing, they can offer support and guidance, as well as a few laughs along the way.

A mentor is someone who can help guide you through TEC Life

You’ll be allocated a keyworker at the very beginning of your admission to Pioneer. This will be someone who we think best suits your needs and personality, someone you can bounce off and work well with. We know having new people enter your life can be frustrating, but your key worker has been purposely selected to team up with you – and is only there to help you succeed.

A key part to working with your keyworker is to trust them. This can be difficult, especially if you’ve struggled with trusting adults before – they’re not a social worker or an authority figure; they’re simply there to help make your experience at Pioneer an enjoyable and successful one.

You’ll have weekly mentoring sessions with them, which form part of the curriculum and your ‘MY Plan’. Don’t see these as a stuffy, therapy session. They’re more a chat and discussion to make sure you’re happy and on the right track.

As you progress through TEC Life, your keyworker may change. You may also form a bond with other members of staff who are all there to help mentor you. Mentors provide guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modelling. They’ll support you throughout TEC Life, helping you to set goals and ultimately determine a career path as you progress towards independent living.

We want our students to:

Succeed in education

Knowledge and learning can equip young people for life, regardless of the subject. We’re focused on ensuring our students succeed.

Be happy and healthy

The most important achievement for our students is to be happy and healthy. We equip them with the tools they need to become this.

Build good relationships

Learning the skills to build healthy and strong relationships help our students to grow as individuals and become well-rounded adults.

Have a safe place to stay

Have a safe place to stay - Feeling safe and secure is crucial for many of the young people that walk through our doors. The stability & structure of TEC Life enables them to feel this.