What does Induction involve?


We want to create achievable pathways into adult life, we will help young people explore life through activities and education, find a path that works for each individual. Induction at PioneerTEC will start that journey.


Although rules and boundaries can sometimes feel restrictive, they’re there for a reason and the health and safety of our students and staff is paramount. We’ve created a safe and secure environment, which will help young people thrive.

Induction is crucial for ensuring students understand how we work at Pioneer. Although all students follow the same induction  journeys through Pioneer will be unique.

Induction allows students to sample some of our vocational and practical subjects, finding a pathway to suit them, their learning styles and their needs.

Your induction is the perfect opportunity to see how we work at Pioneer and give you time to adjust and adapt to life within our community. You’ll quickly learn that our focus is on you through our dedicated staff and our brilliant resources.

We want our students to:

Succeed in education

Knowledge and learning can equip young people for life, regardless of the subject. We’re focused on ensuring our students succeed.

Be happy and healthy

The most important achievement for our students is to be happy and healthy. We equip them with the tools they need to become this.

Build good relationships

Learning the skills to build healthy and strong relationships help our students to grow as individuals and become well-rounded adults.

Have a safe place to stay

Have a safe place to stay - Feeling safe and secure is crucial for many of the young people that walk through our doors. The stability & structure of TEC Life enables them to feel this.