Health & Wellbeing

Your Health & Safety is important to us, we’ll make sure you tour the site and understand the need for safety boots in the workshop, what to do in the event of a fire alarm, where you can get a drink, who to ask for help if you hurt yourself and where you can go if you feel anxious or worried.

We know you will quickly build relationships with staff and there will be people you prefer talking to, staff are trained to listen and hear you.

We would hope you can tell us if you don’t feel happy, if you need help or anything else, we will always listen and hear you, we will adapt things to fit your learning, your personality and your needs.

We want our students to:

Succeed in education

Knowledge and learning can equip young people for life, regardless of the subject. We’re focused on ensuring our students succeed.

Be happy and healthy

The most important achievement for our students is to be happy and healthy. We equip them with the tools they need to become this.

Build good relationships

Learning the skills to build healthy and strong relationships help our students to grow as individuals and become well-rounded adults.

Have a safe place to stay

Have a safe place to stay - Feeling safe and secure is crucial for many of the young people that walk through our doors. The stability & structure of TEC Life enables them to feel this.