Enrolment & Prospectus

At Pioneer TEC, we treat every young person as an individual, young people may feel that in the past they have been treated unfairly or passed off, which can give them a sense of resentment and anger. We know how difficult this can feel – and sometimes how impossible it can feel to escape from those circumstances or environment.

Young people referred to Pioneer TEC have the opportunity to visit us, take part in an activity, meet the team and get a feel for the school. This helps us establish each young persons risks. Initially we prepare a Student Impact Risk Assessment (SIRA) by requesting all relevant information available from previous education/placing authority so we can make a safe informed decision about a potential placement offer

TEC Life is all about meeting your needs and enabling your success!


Before being offered a place within the school you will be offered the opportunity to visit Pioneer TEC. You’ll get to meet the staff and other young people, tour the site and get involved in a fun activity. This gives you a chance to see how you’ll fit in and if there’s anything you’re not happy with.

You’ll be welcomed by staff & management. All relevant information will have been obtained from the placing authority to enable us to draw up an initial Pre-placement Management Plan to ensure you’re safe and happy during your visit. We appreciate that you might feel that your previous notes and assessments aren’t necessarily a true outline of the kind of person you are, but it will help us see what sort of environment we should create for you initially.

If you like the school and wish to take up the offer of a place to we will send a service level agreement to your Education Authority and a Home/School agreement for you and your guardian to sign, these are our expectations of you and our promises to you.

We want our students to:

Succeed in education

Knowledge and learning can equip young people for life, regardless of the subject. We’re focused on ensuring our students succeed.

Be happy and healthy

The most important achievement for our students is to be happy and healthy. We equip them with the tools they need to become this.

Build good relationships

Learning the skills to build healthy and strong relationships help our students to grow as individuals and become well-rounded adults.

Have a safe place to stay

Have a safe place to stay - Feeling safe and secure is crucial for many of the young people that walk through our doors. The stability & structure of TEC Life enables them to feel this.