Ahead of schedule, Pioneer TEC’s planning application to erect the brand new, state-of-the-art Training & Education to Employment Centre on Phoenix Park has been approved!

The young people currently in the care of Pioneer TEC’s experienced staff have settled well, have responded positively, and they continue to take full advantage of the wide variety of outdoor activities available. As such we have extended the teaching staff and recently welcomed Shaun Redgrave as our new Head Teacher. We have also built an indoor skate and scooter park for after school activities.

Eddie Sloane, Managing Director of Pioneer TEC said, “These are exciting times for both the staff and the young people in our care.  We want the very best in terms of resources and environment for those students attending our school to enable them to thrive. The unanimous approval by Preston City Council’s Planning Committee gives the opportunity for us to begin the process of taking the school to the next level.”


This brand-new facility will enable Pioneer TEC to take the next step in its evolution by enabling greater access to a wider variety of opportunities, including recycling, renewable energy, and the carbon free age of the future. Climate Change and the importance of everyone making a contribution, no matter how small, has been widely publicised, particularly during COP26.

The building will be zoned for energy efficiency and the safety of students, staff and members of the public who will utilise its facilities. It will enable the future Phoenix Park site to evolve into the very first of its kind … a virtually zero carbon training and leisure facility.

There are plans for retail and workspaces to enable our students to gain new skills as well as valuable work experience. There will be classrooms for study, training and welfare as well as catering with a private, secure entrance and lift for students and staff. The plant maintenance section will allow students to learn about plant machinery and construction equipment whilst they learn on the job and help to maintain the fleet of onsite vehicles and equipment.

In addition, there will be complementary state-of-the-art, modern workshops for the testing and the operation of any vehicles that are electrically powered. This will allow for the provision of electrical mechanical courses for our students as the world moves ever closer towards carbon reduction.