Trax MX Launch

TRAX MX will be launching in early 2021 as one of Europe’s premier motorsport and training facilities.

Initially formed in 2000, the facility has hosted major British motocross events and has provided access for riders to practice their skills.

For the last 12 months the facility has undergone a multi-million-pound upgrade with the introduction of an online booking system and a state-of-the-art timing / marshaling and monitoring system trackside.

Riders will be able to register online and book into their training / coaching / practice session from home. Lap times and sector information will be available trackside on each rider’s mobile device along with professional coaching and assistance. 

Younger riders from 5 years and above can participate safely in the sport of motorcycling with events and special days which will be available to spectators and riders alike.

Pioneer TEC

Pioneer TEC’s residential students will be able to participate in organised practice and race events once they have achieved the necessary qualifications and experience levels required under the tutorage of Pioneer TEC’s instructors.

If they wish to do so students will be given the opportunity to acquire training in order for them to gain access to paid work experience and a part or even fulltime job in a support role such as event management, reception/admin, catering, and/or as a construction maintenance team member.

There will also be an opportunity to gain valuable media experience by working alongside the professional photographers and journalists who attend regularly to take still and drone footage of the events and riders.